Reaching out a hand to lift someone else up is one of the greatest gifts for the heart. Flor Escapes believes in giving back and donates to the following organizations:

MARIPOSAS SAN MIGUEL - The women in the Mariposas San Miguel project make beautiful bags that are intricately embroidered works of art bearing butterflies and the motto "Imagana un mundo en paz" - Imagine a world with peace. One year ago, the women couldn't read and didn't know what an impact their handicrafts could have on the world outside their pueblo. Now, they understand and read the message they sew and their purses are sold all over the world, bringing food to their tables and hope to their families' lives.

THE LAVENDER PROJECT is an example of how empowering one woman to lift herself out of poverty can transform an entire community. The women's cooperative of Rancho Colorada began with a grant to one woman to learn how to make artisan soap from the local fresh lavender. She turned to five other women for help and a new cottage industry was born. Now with the help of local master farmer Aucencio Domenzain Martinez and St. Anthony's Alliance, a US-based non-profit, the women of the Solo Lavanda cooperative are handcrafting soaps, sachets and eye pillows.